Here’s some highlights from the discussion:

  • Phase 1 of The Close to Home Initiative’s Implementation is an “all out collaboration” between city and state agencies, but not without its bumps in the road and obstacles such as issues pertaining to the sharing of sensitive information between state and city agencies and building trust between communities, service providers, and youth.
  • The sites are non-institutional settings (no bars on windows, no barbwire, delayed egress doors) in which group processing, meaningful engagement and activities, and clear goals are paramount.
  • The goal is for youth to spend an average of 7 months in a Close to Home site
  • The sites are accessible to families who are included in the process, including the assessment of youth’s needs and issues.
  • About families of youth in the Close to Home Initiative…Deputy Commissioner Barbieri said that their engagement is “critical” although it has been “difficult to align families with ACS; but it must be done.”
  • About the support of the philanthropic community…youth in the Close to Home Initiative would be greatly benefitted through the investment funds in community-based organizations and programs in the communities that the youth will return to when entering the “after-care” phase of the initiative. DC Barbieri emphasized the need to build bridges between the “mom and pop” programs run by community residents..the ones often overshadowed by large, established agencies.

Currently, there are 11 Providers in NYC with 35 sites:

  • 7 of the providers are using the Missouri Model
  • Boystown is using its own model, “The Boys Town Model”
  • Good Shepherd Services is using the Sanctuary Model

As of 1/31/2013, there are 206 youth in placement:

  • 87 youth in Close to Home were transfers from upstate facilities
  • 176 were direct placements
  • 25 are currently in after-care



In partnership with the Center for NuLeadership & the Institute for Juvenile Justice Reform & Alternatives, NYJJI has bought tickets to fill the house with formerly incarcerated youth, youth currently on probation, gang-involved and justice-involved youth.


Robert (Bob) Listenbee

  • Transcending Through Education Foundation: New Scholarship Program for Prisoners Headed to College. Read about it HERE


Thurs, 2/21/2013,  8:30am to 10:30am: Brushes with the Law: Young New Yorkers, Neighborhoods and the Criminal Justice System. A conversation with:

  • Vincent N. Schiraldi, Commissioner, NYC Department of Probation
  • Ronald E. Richter, Commissioner, NYC Administration for Children’s Services
  • Ruben Austria, Founder and Executive Director, Community Connections for Youth
  • Sharieff Clayton, program coordinator, CASES
  • Jaime T. Koppel, Director of Youth and Education Justice, Children’s Defense Fund-New York
  • Cynthia Armijo, executive director, Boys Town New York

Moderator: Andrew White, director, Center for New York City Affairs at The New School

The city has overhauled its juvenile justice system to keep more young people out of confinement and in their communities. In the process, Officials, organizers and providers are aiming to strengthen families and neighborhoods. How can city government engage communities and tap into the strengths of local groups that work with teens and families? Will community organizations find resources to participate? And how can families and residents hold the juvenile justice system accountable so that it does not repeat old mistakes?

And coming in the near future…

  • Policy Update Call on Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) and the big changes going on in Dept of Probation – date/time TBD
  • Briefing about the new Youth Initiative at Brooklyn Defender Services for 16-21 year olds – date/time in March TBD
  • Meeting the Non Secure Placement Providers of the Close to Home Initiative – organized by Good Shepherd Services – date/time TBD in East New York
  • Policy Update Call on Raise The Age – date/time TBD
  • An Evening Out to see Lyrics from Lockdown at the National Black Theatre in Harlem – date/time TBD
  • Briefing about the newly released report Juvenile Justice Reform in Connecticut – date/time TBD