Thanks to Jacqueline Mann, President of the Elias Foundation, for taking the time to report back on Westchester Children’s Association’s Judging Children as Children: Raising New York’s Age of Criminal Responsibility on March 22, 2013. See below.


May 1, 2013: 1pm-4pm: Shirley Chisholm Residence, East New York, Brooklyn. The Community Provider Experience with the Close-to-Home Initiative: An Open House Celebration and Panel Discussion:

  • The Missouri Approach

  • Infusing the Sanctuary Model for Trauma-Informed Care

  • Specialized Non-Secure Placement for the LGBTQ Population

  • Solution-Based Casework and Aftercare

  • The Youth Experience

  • Lunch will be served in the garden and transportation from Manhattan will be provided



Listenbee Takes Over as Federal Head of Juvenile Justice. Read about it HERE

Westchester Children Association releases: Dreams Deferred… Reconnecting Youth to School, Work and Community,



Bring New York Into Alignment With The 48 Other States,

Judge Michael Corriero Tells Close to 250 Invitees

-Jacqueline Mann, President of the Elias Foundation

Judge Michael Corriero

Judge Michael Corriero

Judge Michael Corriero, Director and Founder of the NY Center for Juvenile Justice spoke to close to 250 invitees of the Westchester Children’s Association on Judging Children as Children: Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility.

Organized and hosted by WCA, an advocacy group in Westchester County that works to ensure that every child is healthy, safe and prepared for life’s challenges. Among WCA’s accomplishments is that WCA and its Deputy director, Allison Lake, recently published Dreams Deferred… Reconnecting Youth to School, Work and Community, a report that reveals that 15,000 young people are now or are at risk of becoming disconnected in Westchester County.

Judge Corriero spoke with his usual passion about the need to bring New York into alignment with the 48 other states in the US by raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18.  He cited the unusually harsh challenges to children who have been tried as adults in New York State such as qualifying for jobs, being eligible for housing, and accessing college loans, especially when compared to peers who have committed the same offenses in other states but have not been burdened with criminal records.

The Judge called on those in attendance to lobby our legislators and Governor Cuomo to make the needed changes in our Juvenile Justice system.  He pointed out the higher cost of incarceration vs. wrap-around services, the higher rates of recidivism for incarcerated youth and the shameful disproportionality in the system that seems to give white children a pass and focuses its harshest punishments on inner city youth of color.

While also calling for legislation to raise the age of criminal responsibility, WCA’s Dreams Deferred… Reconnecting Youth to School, Work and Community, whose scope is wider than juvenile justice, also recommends reducing exclusionary disciplinary practices in schools, improving transitional supports for those aging out of foster care, and increasing the minimum wage.

Jackie Mann, President Elias Foundation

Jackie Mann, President Elias Foundation

Jacqueline Mann is the co-founder and President of the Elias Foundation – dedicated to promoting community leadership networks for progressive social change in Westchester County.  The Foundation supports organizations that amplify the voices of community members and initiatives that are grounded in and led by the communities they serve.  The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting organizations that connect their issues to a broader political, economic and social justice agenda.