Created during Just Us Comic Workshop 2010

Created during Just Us Comic Workshop 2010


Sending teenage offenders to juvenile hall makes them 13 percentage points less likely to finish high school and 22 percentage points more likely to be imprisoned as adults…. That’s the finding of a new National Bureau of Economic Research working paper by Anna Aizer and Joseph Doyle. Read it HERE.

Brain injuries plague city jail inmates…Health officials have discovered a disturbing trend among adolescents incarcerated at Rikers Island — an extremely high prevalence of traumatic brain injuries. In a yet to be published Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) study conducted last year, health officials found that 50 percent of male juveniles incarcerated at Rikers have experienced significant traumatic brain injuries. The rate among young women was even higher at 65 percent. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE

Experts Call for Juvenile Justice System Overhaul (Again)….“For 40 years Robert Johnson, chair of the Committee on Assessing Juvenile Justice Reform at the National Research Council of the National Academies has worked with adolescents in the juvenile justice system. The hope, Johnson said, “was that they would learn something from [that experience] and return to society as productive individuals.”But that has not been the case, according to Johnson. Read more at the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange HERE

A new organization with an interesting take on helping formerly incarcerated youth…Drive Change, a NYC-based start-up, is helping previously incarcerated youth get back on their feet — via the power of sustainably sourced food trucks. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE. And check out Drive Change’s website:



Juvenile Justice Reform in Connecticut: How Collaboration and Commitment Have Improved Public Safety and Outcomes for Youth. Read the executive summary, the short report, and the full report HERE.

And also from the great state of Connecticut: “Color of Justice” A CPTV original documentary about Connecticut’s Juvenile Justice system. Watch it HERE.