Reversal of Fortune…The Fortune Society trains youth for a summer at the Farmers Market. Read More HERE.

Griselda Cruz

Griselda Cruz

Youth Justice Raising the Age: Voice of a Latina…Former NYJJI Youth Council member Griselda Cruz on Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility in New York  State. Read More HERE

The Cost of Juvenile Justice…The city spends more money to detain or incarcerate a teenager per year than it spends on education. Even with recent attempts by the city to lower its juvenile justice bill, advocates familiar with the system still think the financial costs on the city and young people’s families are too high. Read More HERE.

New York City Aims to Help Youths Getting Out of Detention…New York City government is trying to help young adults who are getting out of jail or detention. But according to Amy Berglio, a staff attorney for the School Justice Project, there are still obstacles that make it difficult to get youths back in school–and she hopes that the process became less painful. Read More HERE

Youth Incarceration Dropped 40 Percent, But Most Still Detained For Minor Offenses…Since the criminalization of child discipline spiked the rate of juvenile detention to an all-time high in 2000, reforms in several states have facilitated a 39-percent percent drop in the rate of locking up kids, according to a new report. The drop reflects a recognition that widespread detention of children was not only costing the states money in detention centers; it also leads to lower rates of educational attainment and employment, and higher rates of later criminal activity. Read More HERE