• A Decade After Being Passed, States Finally Set to Be Held Accountable for PREA Compliance- see how this might be an important tool in the Raise the Age campaign. Ten years have passed since the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), a federal law seeking to prevent and better respond to sexual abuse incidents in the nation’s detention and correctional facilities, was given congressional approval. Some advocacy groups are hopeful that the enforcement of PREA guidelines (which is only now coming into effect) may ultimately result in states abolishing the practice of placing juvenile offenders in adult facilities altogether. To read more click Here

  • News on North Carolina’s efforts to Raise the Age for juveniles. North Carolina is likely to see millions of dollars in net benefits over time, if lawmakers join almost every other state in making the juvenile justice system the default destination for 16 and 17 year olds charged with crimes. That’s according to Texas based criminal justice experts who have just issued a newly updated version of the Spotlight report first prepared in 2012 for the John Locke Foundation. “Evidence suggests that some of the factors that lead to lower short-term costs in the adult justice system—such as larger caseloads and less programming—contribute to higher rates of recidivism and revocations among 16 and 17 year olds, leading to higher long-term overall costs…” To read more click Here
  • Take a look at a notable youth development organization serving youth along the criminal justice spectrum. Exalt is a non-profit organization here in NYC that aims to divert court involved youth from further contact with juvenile and adult justice systems. Their powerful combination of structured classes for tangible skill development, individualized support to navigate the education and justice systems, placement in paid internships and an alumni network of resources equips youth with the tools and experience to avoid further criminal justice system involvement.   To check out their blog click Here
  • The head of Florida’s juvenile justice department cleared her calendar Monday to meet with young activists camped outside of Gov. Rick Scott’s office.  Juvenile Justice Secretary Wansley Walters spent the morning and early afternoon fielding questions from a group called the Dream Defenders — and discussing the steps her agency has taken to prevent young people from entering the criminal justice system. To read more about this meeting and efforts of protesters to have law makers repeal the controversial Stand Your Ground Florida law click Here
  • In a pair of feature stories published earlier this month, (on Georgia’s reform efforts and issues and two young men in the system) JJIE described two modes of intensive at-home treatment that show great promise to improve outcomes for emotionally disturbed youth in the delinquency system, both of which cost far less than incarceration or treatment in a residential treatment center. To read more click Here