OP-ED: Thoughtful, Innovative Intervention For Kids in New York Pays Off

Read about a new Community Reinvestment Alternative to Detention program for youth who would otherwise be removed from their home while awaiting a court appearance, even though they have a low risk of re-offending. The initiative was designed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to invest in, expand and enhance community resources to prevent family court placements into the state’s juvenile justice system. To learn more click here

OP-ED: Celebrating the ‘My Kid Test’ and Patience in Chicago

This interesting article encourages those of us who are involved in juvenile justice reform to approach these issues from a place of empathy and with a healthy dose of down to earth reality. The author (a retired chief judge in Illinois) asks us all to use a line of logic that asks “what if this was my kid?” To read more click here


Anthony Caravella, in white shirt, after he was exonerated of rape and murder charges in 2010 due to DNA evidence. He had confessed at age 15

Underage Suspects Are Apt to Confess to Crimes They Didn’t Commit. Here’s Why.

The Wall Street Journal had a good piece recently about the prevalence of false confessions among teenage criminal suspects, and what police departments might be able to do to drop that number. For a link to that article and further analysis from slate.com click here

Federal Juvenile Justice Law Deserves Protecting

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) is the only federal law that sets out national standards for the custody and care of youth in the juvenile justice system, provides direction and support for state juvenile justice system improvements, and supports programs and practices that have significantly contributed to the reduction of juvenile crime and delinquency. Unfortunately, federal funding has been repeatedly cut over the last decade. To read more about federal legislation and its impact on state laws and implementation click here

Mid-Hudson Agencies Come Together to Help Reform Juvenile Justice System

Agencies across the Mid-Hudson region, including Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties, have banded together in an effort to reform the New York juvenile justice system. The Mid-Hudson Regional Youth Justice Team, one of eight established across the state, met for the first time Wednesday at the Dutchess County Probation Department in Poughkeepsie to examine ways to reduce the number of youths who become involved in the justice system. To find out more about this upstate JJ reform effort click here

Juvenile Justice Forum

The Albany City Commission, in cooperation with the local state delegation, will be holding a forum on juvenile justice September 17, 2013, at the Law Enforcement Center, at 1:00 PM. The guest speaker will be Avery Niles, Georgia Commissioner of Juvenile Justice. Dougherty County Juvenile Court Judge Herbie Solomon will also be presenting. There will be an open floor discussion and Q&A after the presentations.

Please see the attached agenda. Many local providers and participants in juvenile justice have been invited to participate, though the meeting is open to the public. For more info click here

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