Juvenile incarceration in Louisiana declined 68 percent between 1997 and 2011

A Pew Charitable Trusts study showed Louisiana joined 18 states that have seen at least a 50 percent decline in juvenile confinement. According to the study, juvenile incarceration declined 68 percent between 1997 and 2011. This article details key practices such as keeping youth in the least restrictive environments possible, providing substance abuse intervention, mental health services and leveraging community based social service providers that have led to this dramatic decline. To read the article click here

Frisking Tactic Yields to a Focus on Youth Gangs

A different strategy, perhaps an alternative to Stop and Frisk, seeks to exploit the online postings of suspected members and their digital connections to build criminal conspiracy cases against whole groups that might otherwise take years of painstaking undercover work to penetrate. Facebook, officers like to say now, is the most reliable informer. To read more click here

A Court Just for Juveniles in N.Y.

Check out this opinion piece written by the NYTimes Editorial Board that lends it support to the Raise The Age Campaign. To read the article click here

Reconsidering Young Lifers’ Sentences

In the wake of last year’s Supreme Court ruling in Miller v. Alabama that juveniles may never receive a mandatory sentence of life without paroleThe Times editorial board has called for courts and legislators to apply this principle regardless of the date of conviction. Should all people in prison for life without parole who committed their crimes before their 18th birthday be eligible for a new sentencing hearing? To read this “Room for Debate” article click here

Massachusetts State House News — Patrick Signs Bill Pulling 17-Year-Olds Into Juvenile Justice System

Boston —Gov. Deval Patrick signed a law last Wednesday removing 17-year-old offenders from the adult court system in a move designed to help the courts put more youthful offenders on the track toward rehabilitation while also complying with a federal mandate to separate the younger inmates from the general prison population.  To read more about nearby states own efforts towards Raising the Age click here

Follow the EXALT blog

Last week’s blog was an eloquently written piece by exalt’s ED Sonja Okun, where she listed several economic arguments behind the logic of the Raise the Age campaign. She also included links to insightful news reports on what some consider to be a prison industrial complex and provides links to those interested in taking on court involved youth who have received job training (through exalt) and are seeking internships. To read the blog click here