Ending The School To Prison Pipeline

Almost 70,000 youth were suspended in NYC in 2011-2012. In the wake of this troubling reality, former New York State Chief Judge Judith Kaye and the NYC School-Justice Partnership Task Force presented a new report called, “Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court.”

Its lead recommendation: Develop a mayoral-led initiative that establishes a shared goal among agencies, in collaboration with the courts, to keep more students safely in school while reducing the use of suspensions and school-based summonses and arrests. To watch a short 2 minute video clip on the report click here

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Report charts dangerous rise of youth Prison Industrial Complex

Read key highlights from new report published on The Huffington Post webpage that tracks the fierce growth of the youth Prison Industrial Complex. To access this article click here

To read the report entitled “Prisoners of Profit: Private Prison Empire Rises Despite Startling Record of Juvenile Abuse” click here or check our Resources section

Survey of Police Chiefs Yields Distressing Responses Regarding Juvenile Justice

A new report released by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) takes a look at law enforcement perspectives on young offenders and juvenile justice system collaboration. According to researchers, nearly four out of five respondents said they believe law enforcement leaders should play pivotal roles in the juvenile justice system. “But what the survey then showed was that there was a gap between the role they think they should be playing, which was large, and then when they self reported on the role they actually play.” To read this article click here

Turning Gun Parts Into Gardening Tools

The Children’s Defense Fund and the Washington National Cathedral hosted a forum last Sunday to draw attention to the way gun violence has a particularly troubling impact on children. Read this article to learn about the forum and an interesting remake of the hardware of violence. Click here for the article.

Check out an event today called “Youth Truth: Young People Speak Out” where NYC’s young people will get together to discuss issues that matter to them most. The event will feature a livestream and live tweeting as young people weigh in on important topics including:

•Money & Jobs
•Health & Self-esteem

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The Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance is presenting a forum on The Color of Justice, explaining the role race plays in juvenile justice and exploring solutions, hosted by Middletown Mayor Daniel T. Drew. For more info click here