Report Highlights Overlap Between Stop and Frisk and Suspensions

Students who live in neighborhoods where they are more likely to be stopped and frisked by the police are also more likely to be suspended from school, according to a new report released Tuesday from the New York Civil Liberties Union. To read this article that details how young people in certain neighborhoods experience overly punitive policies, whether from schools or police, click here and to access the full report click here

Youth Justice Reforms Affect Adults Too

Check out this article, written by Alexandra Cox, our point person at Literacy For Incarcerated Teens, (the organization heading off the library starter project NYJJI is helping to fund for Close to Home facilities).

She writes eloquently about the adults that work in juvenile detention facilities, what motivates them, the impact their work has on them, and the policy reforms that would create a more effective system for JJ involved youth and the adults that work with them. To read the article click here

Meet the new faces of LGBT juvenile corrections

In the realm of incarceration things have long been difficult for gay youth. They are more apt to be victimized if “found out” and more likely to be put in solitary confinement or protective custody if they admit to being homosexual. Some of that is beginning to change though, thanks to an increased emphasis on the Prison Rape Elimination Act by the current administration and a call to change the traditional ways of dealing with LGBT. To read an article that highlights some of these changes click here

OJJDP Bulletin Examines Delinquent Behavior And Victimization Of Boys And Girls Exposed To Violence

The link between delinquency and victimization among boys and girls who are exposed to violence is examined in a bulletin released by the Office of Justice Programs’ Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).  To access the report click here. This bulletin is the latest in OJJDP’s National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence publication series, which you can access by clicking here

False Confessions: N.Y. State Mulls Bill Requiring Videotaped Interrogations

The New York Police Department is willingly unfurling its own interrogation recording program, albeit slowly. And yet for some observers, it isn’t enough. To continue reading this article click here

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  • ROADS charter school in the Bronx where PEAK, a new education-focused alternative to incarceration program for juveniles on probation is operating
  • ECHOES, DOP’s new employment-focused alternative-to-incarceration program and
  • The Arches Program at Exodus Transitional Community in East Harlem

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