Line Drawing: Raising the Minimum Age of Criminal Court Jurisdiction in New York

by Dr. Jeffrey Butts and Dr. John Roman

In his 2014 State of the State address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the formation of a state commission to produce a plan for raising the age at which juveniles are charged as adults in New York courts.

The following report compiles research by Dr. Jeffrey Butts and Dr. John Roman entitled “Line Drawing.” The report presents a cost-benefit analysis of raising the age of criminal responsibility and is designed to inform the Commission’s efforts by examining the reasons for changing the age of criminal jurisdiction and by reviewing the implications of such a change.

 For the report click here: linedrawing

Punishing Young Offenders Twice

Policymakers make connections between below-grade-level reading by the end of 3rd grade and difficulties in later life. Many advocates, in turn, champion efforts to assist and give voice to the young people on the so-called school-to-prison pipeline. But what about the learning needs of the young people who are incarcerated or under the purview of the justice system? Far fewer people consider those. Studies have estimated that nearly 75 percent of incarcerated youths are high school dropouts. To read more click here

Restorative Justice Practices

Because juvenile justice entails more of an atmosphere of rehabilitation rather than strict punishment, we see more incidents of restorative practices being utilized than we do in strictly adult settings.

This article gives a brief summary of what Restorative Justice really is and elaborates on how it can be utilized and find success in schools by moving beyond zero tolerance and into an atmosphere of communication and relationship restoration, including responsibility and accountability not only from the students but also from the adults. To read this great article click here

A ‘Second Chance’ for Former Graffiti Vandals                                                                    

Serrano says he will always remember standing before the judge in Queens Criminal Court awaiting his sentence. It was his third arrest for vandalism charges. To continue reading click here