Eleven New York City Organizations Selected As First Arts Partners In New Citywide Neon Arts Education Initiative

The New York City Department of Probation (DOP), in partnership with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, announced the names of eleven New York City organizations last week to be awarded grants supporting arts programming as part of DOP’s new citywide NeON Arts initiative

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Bill de Blasio Appoints Criminal Justice Team

Mayor Bill de Blasio this afternoon announced the appointment of commissioners of the Department of Correction, Department of Probation and several other criminal justice positions.

Joseph Ponte will lead the Department of Correction, Ana Bermudez will helm the Department of Probation, Elizabeth Glazer will head the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and Vincent Schiraldi will serve as the senior adviser to the Office of Criminal Justice.

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Juvenile Justice Reform Falls Short of Goals

The Close to Home initiative was supposed to move detained kids to less restrictive settings and improve their ability to complete their education. Has that happened?

It’s true that residential facilities in New York City are more home-like than the giant, mega-facilities upstate, but moving young people away from institutions and into true community-based care has not happened. Instead of being assigned to OCFS residential facilities, city youth are sent to live in ACS facilities—a different ZIP code, but the same placement model they would have had upstate

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A Letter From Ray Jasper

Ray Jasper was convicted of participating in the 1998 robbery and murder of recording studio owner David Alejandro. A teenager at the time of the crime, Jasper was sentenced to death. He wrote to Gawker once before, as part of their Letters from Death Row series. That letter was remarkable for its calmness, clarity, and insight into life as a prisoner who will never see freedom. We wrote back and invited him to share any other thoughts he might have.

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New York City Program Teaches Teen Graffiti Artists to ‘Paint Straight’

A New York City diversion program teaches teen graffiti artists arrested for vandalism how to express their art without breaking the law.

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NY State in Deal to Limit Solitary Confinement

NY State has agreed to sweeping reforms intended to curtail the widespread use of solitary confinement, including prohibiting its use in disciplining prisoners under 18.

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