Manhattan DA: Young Defendants Hurt by Broken Prosecution System

In a spirited and candid discussion Tuesday morning between elected officials and researchers at a conference on incarceration reform at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said that the business model of how his office operates “does not make sense” and that it fails young, minor offenders who pile up misdemeanors until they face serious consequences in the criminal justice system.

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Taking Aim at School Suspensions

Strict discipline policies have led to the suspensions of millions of students yearly in the U.S., mostly for minor infractions—a practice that makes them more likely to fall behind, drop out and end up in the juvenile justice system, according to a report being released Tuesday.

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New York-based photographer Robert Stolarik documents the response from community members in the Bronx where 14-year-old Javier Payne was allegedly pushed through a window by the NYPD.

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Divesting from youth incarceration

Taxpayers, families and kids are paying for a juvenile justice system that incarcerates tens of thousands of youth every year in the United States.

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Which State Will Be the Last to ‘Raise the Age?’

“Raising the Age” is part and parcel of the juvenile justice system this country needs and our youth deserve

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Bronx Workshop Underlines Troubled Relationship Between Youth of Color and NYPD

A workshop in the Bronx is educating citizens on their rights when it comes to interactions with the NYPD

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