A Model for Juvenile Justice Reform

An editorial from NY Times highlighting how recent reforms pushing community guidance programs are spreading across the country, which is all well and good for minor offenders. However the article points out that young people with more serious charges are still entangled in a system that relies on solitary confinement, an ineffective and in fact harmful intervention.

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Report Finds Incarceration Doesn’t Work, Community Engagement Does

Read this thoughtful op-ed by local NYC juvenile justice advocate Ruben Austria. He writes about a new study by the Youth Advocate Programs Policy and Advocacy Center (YAP) that shows that by relying on strength based approaches it is indeed possible to keep youth Safely Home rather than lock them away, as the report he cites is titled.

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The Criminal Justice Response to 16- and 17-Year-Old Defendants in New York

This report documents how the justice system currently handles 16- and 17-year-old defendants in New York State and presents an evaluation of the Adolescent Diversion Program, a pilot program, launched by NY State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, that links these defendants to age-appropriate services in nine counties.

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Law Enforcement Discusses Plans for Harlem Houses After Raid

Phase I was swift, comprehensive and over in a couple of hours. It was executed with military efficiency and resulted in dozens of arrests and 103 charges. And as a meeting this week showed, that means the launch of Phase II, which remains a work in progress, will involve lots of “partnering,” patience and the promise of more meetings in airless rooms, outfitted with drinks and an assortment of snacks.

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