Analysis: Holes in the Evidence for Evidence-Based

The evidence behind even the most highly-regarded treatment models for court-involved youth isn’t nearly as strong as advertised

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Young Souls, Dark Deeds

Is it sometimes proper to charge even pre-teens as adults or is that unjust not to treat them as juveniles?

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US Imprisonment Rate Continues to Drop Amid Falling Crime Rates

Over the past five years, imprisonment rates fell in 31 states.1 California, which was ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court to reduce its prison population, led the way with a 26 percent drop, though many state inmates are now held in local facilities. Fourteen other states reduced their imprisonment rates by 10 percent or more from 2007 to 2012.

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D.C. defense attorneys want juveniles released from shackles in court

While some say the restraints keep defendants and observers safe in situations that can become tense, opponents argue shackles are demeaning and unnecessary in a system aimed more at rehabilitation than punishment. They note that adult defendants in the same courthouse, even those who have been convicted of violent crimes, can have their restraints removed in court.

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