Children’s Rights Groups Against Giving School Cops Military Hardware

More than 20 national education and civil rights advocates sent a letter Monday to Department of Defense officials, urging them to stop giving U.S. school police departments anti-mine vehicles, military-grade firearms like M16s and even grenade launchers.

News reports and lists of recipients of surplus hardware reveal that assault-style rifles, armored vehicles and other military supplies have been handed over to school districts large and small, from California, Texas, Nevada and Utah to Florida, Georgia, Kansas and Michigan.

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Students Transform New York’s South Bronx with High-Performance Architecture

Designers have the unique ability to intentionally shape the world. With climate change accelerating everywhere, designers with knowledge of sustainable design tools and methods are needed now more than ever.

Aspiring architects from around the world leveraged advanced software tools, and sustainability strategies in the Transformation 2030 Student Design Competition to turn the shuttered Spofford Juvenile Center in New York City’s South Bronx into a high performance, mixed use development.

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Different Ways of Measuring Recidivism Leads to Incomplete Data

According to a recent report by the Council of State Governments Justice Center, about half of states track recidivism by specific juvenile facility and only about a third track by length of stay.  This lack of consistency makes it almost impossible to compare across states and agencies. Further, the report found that only half of all state juvenile correctional agencies measure youth outcomes beyond whether youth commit future delinquent acts.  The report urges policymakers to collect and analyze data that includes positive youth outcomes to “determine not only whether the juvenile justice system is helping to prevent youth’s subsequent involvement in the system, but also whether it is helping youth transition to a crime-free and productive adulthood.” Read more.

Attorney General Holder Announces Partnership with Department of Housing and Urban Development to Improve Civil Legal Aid for Juveniles

Attorney General Eric Holder is set to announce a partnership between the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).   HUD will offer new grants to support collaborations between HUD-funded organizations, and civil legal aid programs and public defender offices.

The grant funded collaborations will focus on expunging and sealing juvenile records – improving the chances that reentering youth will be able to obtain degrees, find work and secure housing.

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A truly fantastic series at the Brooklyn Museum 

It is sponsored by the Correctional Association of New York (celebrating its 170th anniversary!) and is part of their ongoing series:  “States of Denial.”

September 20: Unshackled: Women Speak Out on Mass Incarceration and Reproductive Justice An afternoon of conversation and spoken word from formerly incarcerated women impacted by the intersection of mass incarceration and reproductive health issues. This event is part of the CA’s annual collaboration with Toshi Reagon’s Word* Rock* & Sword: A Festival Exploration of Women’s lives.
Moderators: Professor Dana-Ain Davis, Queens College, Farah Diaz-Tello, Esq., National Advocates for Pregnant Women

The Impacts of Truancy

Dropping out of school is not a singular event. It is a slow process of disengagement that requires us to look at the primary reasons children are absent and then devise mechanisms to pull them back from the brink.

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