This Thursday 12/4 at 10:50am Gabrielle Prisco of the Correctional Association will be giving a TED talk entitled “On Canaries, Love and Justice” at TEDx Albany:

“In On Canaries, Love and Justice, I will explore the ways in which children serve as an early warning system for societal dysfunction, and how criminalizing them endangers us all. Weaving together my personal experience as an attorney and advocate for children, my own experience of loss, and the research on what works, I will make the case for a justice system rooted in love, not punishment.”

New York City Plans to Focus on Mental Health in the Justice System

In an effort to reduce growing numbers of inmates with mental health and substance abuse problems in NYC jails the De Blasio administration announced plans on Monday to significantly expand mental health services at almost every step of the criminal justice system.

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A Sweet Win For Snowday: The Food Truck With a Social Justice Mission Took Home the Rookie Award at The NYC Vendys

This truck has the mission of providing employment, community and transferable skills to young people who have recently completed a prison sentence.

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Researcher Delves Into Adverse Childhood Experiences

Since the spring of 2013, Roy Wade has seen the impact of trauma on urban youth and adults in low-income neighborhoods from three vantage points.

The goal of Wade and other CHOP researchers has been to take the original Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study, a landmark 1998 examination of the effects of childhood trauma, and incorporate the voices of urban youth in ways that haven’t been heard before. This emphasis on listening to youth, researchers hope, will lead to better targeting of behavioral interventions.

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U.N. Criticizes U.S. Treatment Of Youth In Adult Jails And Prisons

Friday, the U.N. Committee Against Torture (“Committee”) strongly criticized the United States for state laws and policies that result in the incarceration of youth under 18 in adult jails and prisons under conditions that endanger their safety and well-being. The Committee recommended that the U.S. abolish the use of tasers and solitary confinement on youth, separate them from adults, and end juvenile life without parole sentences. It also recognized the detrimental effects of criminal detention and encouraged the U.S. to adopt international standards that emphasize alternatives to incarceration.

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From Broken Homes To A Broken System

Around the country, juveniles on reservations are left to languish in cash-strapped facilities that cannot afford to provide the kind of rehabilitative services afforded to most young offenders in the United States. Because some reservations have no juvenile detention centers, offenders often are shipped to facilities far from their homes, compounding the isolation of incarceration.

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