Ending Solitary Confinement for New York City Youth

A recent report by the New York Advisory Committee to the U.S Commission on Civil Rights states that youth inmates in New York prisons are disproportionately subject to solitary confinement, which is a violation of their civil rights. Rikers Island is at the forefront of this reform. In addition to prohibiting the use of solitary confinement for inmates under 25 years old, the Committee also calls for a raise in the age of criminal responsibility.

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Mental Health and Youth Incarceration

This article discusses the prevalence of mental health issues in the juvenile justice system. In order to develop and make use of evidence-based interventions that prevent youth incarceration, this author argues that courts across the country should take into account the mental health disorders and risk factors associated with poverty that cause youth to recidivate.

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States Are Changing Their Approach to Juvenile Justice

dept of justice signFollowing research that shows incarceration actually increases the chances a young person will recidivate, 46 states have reduced their rates of youth incarceration. Due to various milestone Supreme Court decisions, the decline in crime overall, and state budget shortfalls states have invested in more effective alternative to incarceration programs.

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Source: The New York Times