Cuomo Reveals Policy Proposals as a Result of Commission’s Report

At the State of the State address, Governor Cuomo demonstrated his embrace of the recommendations put forth by his Commission on Youth, Public Safety, and Justice. Recommendations include the immediate removal of youth under 18 from adult prisons, a gradual increase of the age of criminal responsibility to 18 over the next three years, and shifting non-violent youth offenders to family court. Read more 


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Juvenile Justice Reform for 2015

While the new year has just begun, The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange has posted an op-ed on important juvenile justice issues to be aware of in 2015. The Chronicle for Social Change highlights the retroactive ban on life without parole for juveniles and the use of mental health drugs.

To read the important questions for 2015, see these two articles  here and here.

Photo Credit: Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Juvenile Sex Offender List Deemed Unconstitutional

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared that the law requiring juveniles convicted of sex offenses to register for at least 25 years is unconstitutional. In a 5-1 decision, Justices determined that assuming juveniles will recommit another sex crime defies research that shows juveniles are less likely to recidivate than adults. About 40 states have created juvenile sex offender registries over the past 25 years.

To learn more, read here


Science Not Politics Should Inform the American Juvenile Justice System

This Al Jazeera opinion article describes the many reasons why reform is needed in juvenile justice. Read more.


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More Evidence to Support Treatment Over Detention

An eight-year long study in Ohio shows a decrease in recidivism in offenders ages 10 to 18 with mental health and behavioral problems who were diverted from detention centers to a treatment program.

To read more about this study, see here

Poll Shows Americans Support Juvenile Justice Reform

A 2014 Pew Charitable Trusts national poll found that voters agree with scientific research which finds that juveniles should be treated differently than adults in the criminal justice system due to fundamental differences. Voters support rehabilitation as a strategy of reducing recidivism, as well. To view, click here